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Caramel Fudge the Texel Guinea Pig
Name: Caramel Fudge
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Texel Guinea Pig
Home: Urbana, Illinois, USA
   She is special because she helps me as a stress relief. She also gives me a reason to be motivated to actually coming out of my room and not being sad all the time. I love learning things about her personality. And she gives something that I can nurture and take care of.

     How I got her was my cousin's "male" guinea pig had two wee little babies and I got to have one! While this is a hppy thing for me, it just goes to show you you should never trust a pet store employee about a small animal's gender without having a veterinarian confirm it!

Caramel Fudge the Texel Guinea Pig Caramel Fudge the Texel Guinea Pig

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