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Queeni the Ferret
Name: Queeni
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Gerstetten, Germany
   That is Queeni. She is a ferret and is nine months old. She is one of my five pets. Queeni is so friendly and cute. When I cuddle with her, she is very still, but when I stop than she jumps like a kangaroo. Normally Queeni doesn't bite. but when I have meat on my finger then she bites me, but I know it is an accident. Ferrets are carnivores they eat almost just meat and sometimes fruits and vegetables.

     Queeni's bowl often falls down and then I must clean it. In the evening she gets her meat and when she is not hungry then she hides the meat in her cage. At night she's sometimes so loud that I don't can sleep and at the day I have to play with her but it is also fun for me!!!

     Queeni is the best pet in the world for me!

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