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Chicco the Guinea Pig
Name: Chicco
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Florence, Italy
   This is Chicco, and we sometimes use his nickname Pumba. Chicco is our guinea pig and we adopted him two years ago. My sister saw the ad on a union's page that takes care of find a new home for animals abandoned or mistreated. The previous owner of Chicco didn't want him anymore, though we cannot imagine why. We fell in love with him immediately and we called the shelter to adopt him. Before Chicco, we had some hamsters, but he is our first guinea pig.

     He is so soft and sweet, he is quite independent, but loves also being cuddled. He has a preferred feed and he loves having watermelon! When he hears that someone is opening the fridge, he begins to squeak because he knows he is going to get salad. He is very funny!

Chicco the Guinea Pig Chicco the Guinea Pig

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