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Nyroc the Fancy Mouse
Name: Nyroc
Age: Unkbown
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   Interesting fact; Nyroc's name backwards is Coryn. He is a chocolate fox fancy mouse. This is a very special mouse. A "fox fancy mouse" is a mouse with a solid color and white belly. I said he was supposed to be for my friend's son. But three things changed my mind; first, he came to me while in the petstore while his cage was open. Second, he fell asleep in my lap and boggled (the rat version of purring). Third, he loves Nyra to death and treats her so well.

     He melted me with the boggling in my lap. I have never had an adult mouse fall asleep in my lap either. He also reacted to my music and told me with ear movements when he didn't like the volume. He likes to snuggle with my arm. Love at first sight! He did all this within hours of buying him. He lets me pet him inside his cage, and often lets me scoop him up - no dashing away like some of my mice who have known me their whole lives. He tends to move his wheel and house if they are light enough, and he is hilarious. He has even licked me a couple times.

Nyroc the Fancy Mouse Nyroc the Fancy Mouse

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