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Bimberly the Lop Rabbit
Name: Bimberly
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop Rabbit
Home: England, UK
   Bimberly is my rabbit, and her age is probably five to sevenish, but we are not to sure as she was a rescue rabbit. Bimberly started off as the most nervous and aggressive rabbit possible, simply walking past her hutch would set her of growling at you. She had had little contact with any humans and had been allowed to run free range around a garden for most of her life. After several weeks I began to notice a change in her, no more growling :) and although I had picked her up before this to move her from hutch to run and so on, this was the first time she had been completely fine about it, in fact she seemed to love it. Now I seem to be the only person she trusts and one will only let other near her with me there telling her "It's okay, they're nice."

     Recently I started playing in the garden a lot with her and found out that if you role a ball towards her she'll roll it back, like playing a game of football. I'm trying to get her to roll it into a net (A cardboard box turned on it's side) so we can have 'proper' game with her, maybe I could even teach my guinea pigs and they could compete!

     Bimberly is the first rabbit I ever owned and I love her so much for what she's taught me about myself. She taught me how to be more dominant (so that I'm not obeying the rules of small fluffy rodents all the time)but to be kind with it, she helped me to find the right balance of hugs and cuddles and understanding when she needs her own space. I love her very much.

Bimberly the Lop Rabbit

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