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Durrin the Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Durrin
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Shelby Township, Michigan, USA
   Durinn McFurren, or 'Jarl Durinn,' (meaning 'Earl Durinn,' from old Norse titles), is one of our bunnies. He was brought to an humane society in Buffalo, NY, after being found as a stray living in the wild. As you can imagine, it is not easy for white bunnies to live in the wild - especially with red eyes, which makes their eyesight even worse than it usually is. Although his age is unknown because of his origins, he is at least eleven years old. He's probably Florida or New Zealand rabbit, but we do not know for sure.

     He spent six months in the Erie County humane society (unfortunately, white bunnies with red eyes are often overlooked for adoption). We first heard of him when we looked for a new rabbit after losing our very first bunny, but we ended up with a different pair of rabbits. However, many months later, Durinn was still there. I went back to see him. As soon as we went into a room to meet one another, he came over and shoved his chin on my shoe, an action known to rabbit caretakers as 'chinning,' which means he regards the thing chinned as his property. I brought my wife back a few days later, and he was still just as cheeky. I explained that, since he had claimed us, we were obligated to take him. We took him home. He was a bit overweight, from all his time with limited exercise (the picture of him jumping in the air for joy, or 'binkying,' is from this time, before he lost weight).

     Since that time, he acquired a girlfriend (and is, in fact, in the process of acquiring possibly a second girlfriend, in addition to the first), played with a dog (whom he then punched in the face for being too rambunctious), gone on adventures outdoors, and most of all, has been my friend. He has never accepted the idea that, because he is a rabbit, he should be scared, but has rather seemed to always feel that he is in charge of any situation which he encounters. He also loves being rubbed and pet.

     Although we have taken care of Durinn, he has also taken care of me. I have had depression for a lot of the time during which we have cared for Durinn. He has been a wonderful friend during that time, and is always an absolute joy to have around. And, he has served as the model for not one, but two, of the tattoos which I have!

Durrin the Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Durrin the Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Durrin the Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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