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Levi the Congo African Grey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Levi
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Congo African Grey
Home: New Jersey, USA
   This is Levi. He turned two this April. He is my very first parrot and I have fallen deeply in love, like I would have never imagined. He is truly my 'Velcro Boy' and is with me pretty much all the time. He is a character, a charmer and makes me laugh every day. It's like I have another baby in the house. The joy he brings to our family is Priceless!!!

     With that said, I introduce my precious African Grey Levi.

     He has a window perch in the kitchen, I put bird seed on a hot tub cover and he watches the birds. He even taps his beak on the window sometimes and scares them away. It's pretty funny. I have toys hanging there as well.

     Levi is a good citizen-bird doing his part to help recycle. His job is to remove the plastic from the cardboard cartons. He doesn't need to be asked twice. I haven't had Levi very long, but I can tell you I can't imagine him not being here. I've had dogs and cats all my life, but I have never connected with them as deeply as I have with Levi. And I never saw it coming.

Levi the Congo African Grey, the Pet of the Day

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