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Jo Jo the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jo Jo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Sutton, Ontario, Canada
   This is Jo Jo, she is a short-haired cinnamon banded syrian hamster. She is our classroom hamster. We had her for almost two years now. She is very cute. She loves to be cuddled and hugged and she never bites. Her whiskers always tickle our hands. Jo Jo loves treats and she will eat them right out of our hands. She always comes out sniffing when we have food out!

     Sometimes Jo Jo escapes from her cage and the whole school looks for her. She always comes back for treats though! She also loves to roll around the classroom in a ball. She has a lot of fun. She is very active and noisy on her wheel at night and sleeps during the day but she always wakes up to say hi to us during class. Jo Jo brings us all lots of love and happiness and we love her very much!

Jo Jo the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day Jo Jo the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day

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