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Hedwig the Parakeet, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hedwig
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: Oregon, USA
   Meet my beautiful baby Hedwig. I bred him just a few months ago. He is the son of my birds Cinderella and Tweedle Dum. He did have a sibling but sadly she had a severe underbite. Hedwig is definitely the nicest of my budgies. He is almost ready to start playing outside of his cage. As you can see in the first pic he has already started climbing on my hand. He does have a slight addiction to millet and cuddles.

     Hedwig is the brand new love of my life. The second picture shows Hedwig enjoying some scratchings, and his jealous mommy (who absolutely hates to be touched) looking on. Finally the third picture is Hedwig as a baby. He is just the most precious baby ever!

Hedwig the Parakeet, the Pet of the Day Hedwig the Parakeet, the Pet of the Day

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