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Jack the Budgerigar,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgerigar
Home: Falkensee, Germany
   This is my Budgie male, he's seven years old and is green with a yellow face. His name is Jack. I like Jack very much, but he's not so tame. It looks very cute when he jumps up the ladder in his cage. I want to train him this year, to go to a budgie show. He loves to eat cucumber and lettuce, those are his favorite treats!

     He has got a partner, her name is Platsch and she's yellow with green points. She is also not so tame. They like each other very much, though. Every day they need budgie feed, fresh water and some vegetables. Two days a week they get a clean cage.

     I love my pets because they're the best budgies in the world!

Jack the Budgerigar,  the Pet of the Day

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