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Minga the Paddle Tail Newt,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Minga
Age: Unknown
Gender: female
Kind: Paddle Tail Newt
Home: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
   Minga is my Paddle Tail Newt (Pachytriton labiatus). She is not very newt-like, for she is very friendly! She likes to watch you while you watch her in her tank. She always greets visitors to her tank by standing on her tail (like in picture) and show off her pretty lava-like belly. She has never swam away from my hand or bit me. She just lovse attention. She also seems to be curious about my dog, Mimi.

     Minga has a friend, Padd (also a female Paddle Tail Newt) though they are not in the same tank due to their aggresiveness to each other. (Maybe they prefer humans!) Minga is one of my dearest pets and one that always receives the most attention when visitors come to our house.

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