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Baja the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, the Pet of the Day
Name: Baja
Age: One month old
Gender: Male
Kind: Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Home: San Antonio, Texas, USA
   Many people I greet as I work at the zoo think of snakes as bone-crushing, venomous monsters. while I see the goofy and docile nature of my boa here.

     His favorite activities do not consist of eating small children or bone crushing as many people believe but he does like to curl up in a tight ball on my stomach as I watch the telly.

     While I do not suggest this snake for first time snake owners, I love to introduce Baja to anyone, children and adult, because he really shows that not all snakes are the terrible things produced out of nightmares and Hollywood movies.

     He is a male, when they are young you can often just move your thumb down the vent and feel the bump (the hemipenis) or just smoothness (that would be a female) and there's definitely a bump.

     His name is Baja, my good friend is from South America, and I've always loved the simple exotic tones of his name. I've gotten quite a lot of suggestions from co-workers at the zoo (where I work) to name him Pumbaa since he's so fat! -_-

     I hope this photo - the close-up - captures his silliness, all the dirt stuck in his mouth and his big bug eyes. I love him!

Baja the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, the Pet of the Day Baja the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, the Pet of the Day

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