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Putin and Pota the Guinea Pigs,  the Pets of the Day
Name: Putin, Pota
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
   These are my guinea pigs Putin (black white and orange) and Pota (black and white). They're both like two years old, though that's just a guess. I don't know for sure.

     My pets are special because even though i got them both from the same shelter, Pota, the one on the top in the picture, who's younger, gradually got fatter than the other, Putin. I always feed the two at the same time the same thing. So probably the reason why Pota got so fat (he's like double the size of Putin lol) is because he steals away the portion I gave Putin from him. I always hear them squealing over food. Sometimes Pota will even steal the food Putin already has in his mouth. Gross.

     It became obvious who was the stronger one. As a result, Putin got overly cautious and shy, while Pota grew to be very friendly-too friendly to the point he's aggressive. Although I tried separating the two, they still somehow made it over to each others' cages and so I just gave up. They get along, it's just that the difference in their characters is just far too wide that it's a normal thing that they argue a lot. It's just their own way of showing love I guess. And food is everything to guinea pigs so it's understandable.

     I'm not sure if this is something special about my pets to anyone else, but I just wanted to share one of the many things I love about them.

Putin the Guinea Pig, the Pets of the Day

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