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Bonnie the Pygmy Goat,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Bonnie
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pygmy Goat
Home: Georgia, USA
   Bonnie "Lil Root" Goat, whose aliases include "Lil Sasafrass" and "Sweetness," is about to be one year old. She is our Spoiled Brown Pygmy Goat.

     Bonnie is a runt female who is sweet and sassy. She is very active with all of us and particularly fond of Cheetos! She will stand on her back legs and go "full goat" for attention. She is very affectionate with people and loves to jump in your lap!

     Bonnie is our first Pygmy Goat and she is also our first doeling. She was bottle fed like her buddy Clyde. She actually was in a hurricane with Clyde where they got to see a lot of wind and rain safely from their building. She is a very personable goat. She plays with my dad, wife, and kids. She loves to jump on any object she can and stand up on her back hooves. She used to be able to shake hooves when asked and she plays with my dad, ramming at him playfully then rising up on her back legs in which we call "Full goat" to get treats.

Bonnie the Pygmy Goat, the Pet of the Day Bonnie the Pygmy Goat, the Pet of the Day

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