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Clyde the Nigerian/Pygmy Hybrid Goat,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Clyde
Age: Eleven and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Nigerian/Pygmy Hybrid Goat
Home: Georgia, USA
   This is Clyde goat, also known as Clydius de Goat, Possum Peen, or Stankin' is turning one at the end of the month - his birthday is July 30th!

     Clyde hangs out with our pygmy girl Bonnie, and is definitely full buck! He is intact, leash trained, and follow some commands. He loves pretzels, Cheetos, animal crackers, and anything else he can get into. Highly active, and has jumped four-foot fences. He's a nice guy but loves to jump up on folks. He's your typical buckling with a lotta personality.

     Clyde is our first buckling and he's a Nigi/Pygmy Cross breed. He has the trademark Nigi blue eyes. He is a rambunctious goat! He loves to make noises to get attention and run around his pen. He's also a jumper clearing a four foot fence with little effort. (He looked at us first just to let us know how easy it was for him)

     He is a very playful goat and does well with humans. He's leash trained and walks with me in the woods regularly. I love him!

Clyde the Nigerian/Pygmy Hybrid Goat,  the Pet of the Day

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