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Checkmate the Anglo Arabian Horse,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Checkmate
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Anglo Arabian Horse
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   Checkmate is my handsome gelding. He's an Anglo Arabian cross, we have the mother too, who is the Arabian who he's named after. He has been loved his whole life, I was there the day he was born! His personality is the best!

     Check loves everyone and probably believes he's a real person! Besides his hay and grain, he eats anything he can convince you to give him, from granola bars to slurpees to watermelon - if you have it, he wants it! He simply lives to please. He absolutely loves cats and dogs, and even chickens! And we, of course, all love him.

Checkmate the Anglo Arabian Horse,  the Pet of the Day

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