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Bobo the Tortoise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bobo
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tortoise
Home: Germany
   Hello! My pet's name is Bobo. He is a tortoise. He is six years old and my pet lives in a big cage in our garden. In the winter, we move him and his friends inside. I love my pet, because it is pretty and sweet. Bobo eats lettuce and he drinks water. He isn't fast, but that's okay. We keep him safe from predators, so he does not need to be.

     Here is a picture with my tortoise Bobo on the right, smiling in his own way for the camera, and his friend Mommo with him. My tortoise doesn't do any tricks, really. Bobo does like playing with a ball. But he also likes climbing on little stones and hills. We have different things for him to climb on, and move them sometimes so he does not get bored. Bobo lives together with two other tortoises in a cage in our garden. Of course Bobo doesn't eat only lettuce. He eats also dandelion and clover, and sometimes he gets fruit and vegetables, and in summer he eats the grass in the garden. In winter he gets hay instead. I love Bobo.

Bobo the Tortoise, the Pet of the Day

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