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Inspector Gadget the Betta Fish, the Pet of the Day
Name: Inspector Gadget
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Betta Fish
Home: Natick, Massachusetts, USA
   Inspector Gadget (Inspector for everyday use) is my male Betta fish, they are also called Siamese Fighting Fish. My pet is special because when he was younger he had a life-threatening disease and recovered. I love him and think he should be honored.

     Inspector's disease he had was tail rot and he had it for two weeks before we noticed, as he was still very active, and it was subtle at first. When we noticed though, we started treatment right away, as that can be fatal for a fish. When he recovered, I was so happy.

     He is one of the smartest fish I have ever known. Every morning at about 7:00 AM he is up and swimming around, excited for his food. When I shake his food he gets all excited and starts to swim around even faster. Inspector is a beautiful blue fish with a awesome personality and he would be so happy to be honored. I love him a lot.

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