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Trevor the Reeves Turtle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Trevor
Age: Three years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Reeves Turtle
Home: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
   Hi. my name is Trevor! I am a Reeves turtle. I'm three-ish years old. I spend my days basking, swimming and hanging out with my friend Earnest. I love it when my mom takes me outside, but for some reason she doesn't let me go on the grey thing that people walk on. I guess I must just try again and again, because that's logic! And it has been months since we went outside, she says something about "winter?" What's that?

     Some people say I look like a Dinosaur, but I think I'm really good looking (and I'm always right). I also like swimming in the current of my filter. It's fun! Anyways my mom loves me because I'm handsome, or was it smart? I really don't know! It must be just because I am awesome in general.

Trevor the Reeves Turtle, the Pet of the Day

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