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Taoko the Satin Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Taoko
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Satin Fancy Mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   Taoko is a very precious little girl. When I got her, she was dying of stress. I didn't think I'd have her longer than a couple weeks. She has a small birth defect, a kink in her tail. But my boy Jango had been very lonely and depressed and when she saw how much he needed her and how happy she made him, she actually recovered and is healthy again.

     She and Jango love to snuggle. It seems Jango is uninterested in her as a mate to make children, as I have had them together since December 4th and there has been no sign of mating or babies. They are very sweet to each other. Taoko will sometimes go mooching to Jango for a treat he has, and he'll give her what for, but then leave the treat for her. They never bite or hurt each other. Taoko even got Jango eating things he never touched before she came into his life. These things include pumpkin seeds, peanuts and bird seed.

     In the picture of them both, Taoko is the slightly gold one which is fitting since she has a heart of gold. She often tries to run on the wheel but Jango usually wants to run with her so she gives up as she can't keep up with his energy. She is a small girl, she will never be as big as Jango. She has stolen my boy's heart. She is a timid girl though, while Jango loves to run in the out-of-cage setup I have, Taoko prefers to sit in my hand. She is overall a very special little girl, whose story cannot be told without the entwined one of Jango.

Taoko the Satin Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day Taoko the Satin Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day

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