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Snoopy the Winter White Dwarf Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snoopy
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Winter White Dwarf Hamster
Home: New Brunswick, Canada
   Before I got Snoopy, I used to watch hamster care videos on Youtube. And I started to reeaally want one. My aunt won a $30,000 lottery and gave me $100. So me and my mom were at the pet store, and it was the one day the pet store had a dwarf hamster (which is the kind I wanted). Anyway, I was just there to get some basic supplies for a hamster I was planning for. Then my mom (out of nowhere!) asked if I would like to buy my hammie today.

     So I used the $100 my aunt gave me to buy everything, and the total came to $97. Since my aunt gave me that money, I thank her for giving me my wonderful kind hammie. I thought he was a girl at first but I realized soon after he was a boy. Snoopy will be turning two on August 7th 2018, I got him on August 21st 2016.

     Snoopy likes it when I massage him, and after he may give me a little nibble of affection. He really likes bread as well, I always call him a little duck, lol.

     Snoopy never bites me on purpose, which is pretty nice considering some hamsters go into attack mode when they see a hand, He will just hang with me most of the time. He's only bitten me when I get impatient and just pull him out his cage and ONLY because he thinks I'm a predator when I do that - that's just instinct. I love my little Snoopy, and I hope you think he's cute.

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