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Banana and Pear the Red Sex Link Chickens, the Pet of the Day
Name: Banana, Pear
Age: Four days old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red Sex Link Chickens
Home: Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
   These beautiful girls Banana and Pear are the best chicks ever! When they come inside the house with me, they will fall asleep right on my lap, and when they wake up from their nap they will follow me around wherever I go! They make the cutest little peeping sounds as they follow after me.

     They have two other sisters that are black sex links named Grunca, and Cia. They are two days older then the other chicks. They are all so tame and cuddly and love to be held and played with. They will be laying hens when they grow up, and they will lay lovely brown eggs! I got them as hatchlings, and though they are only four days old, in those four days they have completely stolen my heart!

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