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Chloe the Black Masked Lovebird, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chloe
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Black Masked Lovebird
Home: Summerville, South Carolina, USA
   Chloe is a blue Black Masked Lovebird. She is five months old and is as sweet as can be. Chloe is special because she loves people. She loves attention and kisses. She flies right onto my shoulder just to give me kisses on my lips.

     My boyfriend and I got her when she was only three weeks old, she is our little baby. When all my friends saw her they wanted to steal her because of how cute and friendly she is. She was a little harder to ween than my other birds, but now she is eating pellets and has become very strong.

     She is also special because she is a miracle. We had a scare with her about two months ago and she spent a week at the vet's office. We thought that she might die, but she pulled through and is now the healthy little baby bird that she was before.

     We also call Chloe "The Missile" because of her flying techniques. I have never seen a bird fly so fast. She will fly right at our faces and turn really fast. She loves to be held and loves her flying time. We love Chloe, that's why she is so special to everyone that comes in contact with her.

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