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Cinnamon the Mini Rex Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cinnamon
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Rex Rabbit
Home: Canada
   Hello! I think Cinnamon should be honored because he is such a cute, active, soft and cuddly bunny. He sure deserves it! He is a Velveteen mini rex rabbit. He was a father of seven baby bunnies. He is a broken castor mini rex rabbit. He lives outside in his hutch and enjoys going out on the harness, and being with his guinea pig friend, Toby.

     Cinnamon is broken castor and his "wife" is broken blue. I had another rabbit named Dusty, who he fought with, and I had to choose between one or the other to keep. (Dusty went to a friend, so I know he got a good home.) I'm so glad I chose Cinnamon! He likes it very much outside in a hutch, but when it gets very cold, we move the hutch into the garage, so he stays warm and safe. He also likes to come inside and hop around to explore, but only when supervised of course, as those bunny teeth can cause a lot of trouble!

     Probably this summer I will be getting another rabbit to keep Cinnamon company out there, and building extensions to my hutch. I am going to have Cinnamon neutered too. Cinnamon loves to lick people. If you hold him up to your nose, and say "lick my nose" he will! He doesn't bite, either. He used to when he was a baby, but he's stopped that habit. I love him a lot.

Cinnamon the Mini Rex Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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