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Ezekiel the Angora Rabbit mix, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ezekiel
Age: Five months oldd
Gender: Male
Kind: Angora Rabbit mix
Home: Tarn, France
   Ezekiel is a young bunny, he is five months old. I adopted him just two month ago. His name means "He who God fortifies." I found it's good, given his past and his future.

     When I adopted him, his old owner told to me that he and his five brothers and sisters should never have been born. They are from an accidental litter between the female bunny of the old owner and a male who she had rescued. But babies were here and the person had to give them away. Ezekiel was the last one to leave the person because when he was a baby, he had a malloclusion, and nowadays he doesn't have teeth in front. The person kept him to check he was in good health and to be sure he didn't go with anyone who would be careless with him.

     For a week we exchanged emails and text messages and after that, I could go to take Ezekiel back to our home ! He is a king bunny a little bit independent. He doesn't like cuddles, he prefers do the choosing when he wants to be petted, and likes to play instead. Now he lives in half-freedom and when it is a nice day, we go to the garden to walk with the harness and the leash. He's a sociable bunny too, especially with our kitty cat.

     But Ezekiel has a destiny - he will become a therapy bunny. It won't be easy and we need training. But when it works, he will give a moment of pleasure to persons who need it. So cross your fingers it all goes well!

Ezekiel the Angora Rabbit mix, the Pet of the Day Ezekiel the Angora Rabbit mix, the Pet of the Day

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