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Belle the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Belle
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Monroe, New York, USA
   We got Belle for my brother seven years ago. Although she was his, I always loved to play with her, and eventually, she became mine. When she was a baby, she was on the feisty end, but these past few years, she has become such a sweet, gentle bird. She's also spoiled rotten! Belle insists upon eating whatever we eat. She absolutely loves rice and popcorn. I once found her sitting in a bowl of popcorn, happily munching away. She flies freely around the house, and from the looks of it, one would think she's the owner!

     Belle loves getting her head scratched and is always pushing her head into my neck, or my cheek, wanting to be snuggled. Unlike when she was younger, Belle loves being around people. She has set off our alarm occasionally when she comes downstairs looking for us. We find her hopping down the steps when we are downstairs, and sitting right on the table waiting to be fed. She's infamous for sneaking bites of our food, and even tries getting some out of my mouth! Belle hates when she's left alone, and screams and whimpers when I leave her to go out. Belle also loves helping me out with my puzzles, and finds the pieces quite delectable! Belle is a beautiful bird, with so much personality, and is truly my best friend.

Belle the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day

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