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Bubba the Silkie Chicken, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bubba
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Silkie Chicken
Home: Ida, Arkansas, USA
   My little roo is quite a handsome boyfriend to my silkie hens. We joke that he is part Showgirl, part Chicken, as he has all that fluff and glamor about him, though he's a male Sillkie rooster. He is very protective of them, although he really looks more like a girl than they do! And yes, that lack of feathers on his neck is just how he is, and part of what makes him special!

     Bubba is an independent chicken and as I said, very protective! He does like to be held and petted, which is nice for us, as well as him. Chickens are so unusual and interesting creatures. I had always heard that chickens were dumb, but I have 80 pet chickens, all with names, and they are actually pretty smart, and they crack us up! No one would think it to look at him, but Bubba is quite the ferocious guard for his flock when they feel threatened, and yet he is friendly to his people, too. He is all rooster - a lover and a fighter, in one glamorous package.

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