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Holly the Quaker Parrot, the Pet of the Day
Name: Holly
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Quaker Parrot
Home: Martinsville, Indiana, USA
   Holly is my Quaker parrot (also known as Monk Parakeet). She is so loving and sassy! She doesn't care/like my family and tries to bite them, but she is very careful and gentle with me. (Quakers are typically only loving to one owner.)

     Holly may look small but she has quite the personality! She can chirp loudly, meaning I can hear her from my living room, and she would be in the back of the house! She speaks lots, saying "hello," "woof," "here kitty kitty kitty" and nonsense. She loves to whistle also, and dances when I sing to her.

     Holly loves food. She loves to eat sunflower seeds, and that is her favorite. She also loves popcorn, so whenever we make it, we have to give her some!

     She doesn't do tricks as I haven't taught her, but she does like to fly. Sometimes, lol. She doesn't do it too much, and mostly because she gets spooked, but sometimes she flies for fun. I bring her outside sometimes in a little cage and she likes to watch all the other birds fly and tries to talk to them, and looks around the yard at the dogs, etc.

Holly the Quaker Parrot, the Pet of the Day Holly the Quaker Parrot, the Pet of the Day

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