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Shay the Cuban Rock Iguana,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Shay
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cuban Rock Iguana
Home: Portland, Oregon, USA
   This is our cuban rock iguana Shay. Shay is special because he is so gentle and he is house broken. He is also endangered and rare from what we have been told. He is allowed to roam freely around the lower portion of our home.

     Shay was given up by his previous owners because they had a baby and the guy's wife was afraid Shay would hurt their baby. I used to do iguana rescue so I was contacted to take him. We fell in love with him right off and decided to keep him as our own. He has a shelf in front of the living room window where he basks under his lights and sticks his head up on the window ledge and looks outside. He eats various fruits and vegetables but his favorite food is dandelion flowers. Shay crawls up and down from his shelf all day exploring the house and begging to get outside.

     When we first got him we let him hang out on the back patio. but one year he learned to climb and kept escaping, so now he can only go out with supervision. He is so sweet and gentle except when he is around our rabbit. He likes how she tastes! He shares his food with our cockatiel from time to time. He climbs into my husband's computer chair during the day and sits there waiting for his daddy to come home. He climbs into our laps and sits for short periods of time for petting and then toodles on off to explore. He is a fascinating pet, and we love him.

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