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Boss the Silver Ferret,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Boss
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Silver Ferret
Home: Monterre, Nuevo León, Mexico
   Boss is my baby ferret, he is just four months old. He's a Silver Ferret and is silly, funny and of course cute! I love this picture, as he was kinds of curled up to clean his toes, and looked up just as I snapped it! You can also see his impressive whiskers, which don't show up in most of the pictures I have of him, as he is very quick, and so the pictures are always blurry at best!

     Boss would much rather play, or try to steal anything shiny - even if it is, for example, a pen you are writing with - than pose for a picture. He makes funny noises when he is bouncing around, which makes me laugh. He even answers back if I try to scold him, which is how he got his name, it's like he's telling us HE is the boss here! My ferret is always happy. And he's my best Friend.

Boss the Silver Ferret,  the Pet of the Day

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