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Korky the Llama,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Korky
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Llama
Home: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
   Korky is a youthful and playful llama. She lives with her friend Shirley the llama near Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Korky loves to run, or roll in dirt, hay, or snow. The barn door is open all year round and she will often sit in the doorway on guard, or just watching the world. Korky guards the property chasing small animals, like cats and raccoons, beyond the fence, but she has learned to leave goose families alone, as the geese are not scared of her.

     Korky enjoys hay, but loves a treat of oats. She knows we always have two bowls of oats and Korky will toss the top bowl aside so that she can see if there are any oats left in Shirley's bowl. The llamas love the day hay is delivered, as they steal new hay from the truck, and then get to clean up all the hay left on the ground.

     The llamas are very inquisitive, and watch people closely as we do things. Our neighbour jokes that he gets no privacy, as the llamas often stand and watch him work. This curiosity often makes them appear very smart, as if they are trying to figure things out.

     We are unsure how old Korky is, but we guess at possibly eight years old. Sometimes we will put Shirley and Korky in separate fields, as Korky's energy level can bother Shirley, who is much more relaxed and peaceful. Korky loves my wife, and allows her to pet and do maintenance where she can give me some attitude.

     These llamas are not show llamas, they are rescued princesses that do as they please. They are healthy and happy. They are amazingly easy to care for as well. We love Korky very much.

Korky the Llama,  the Pet of the Day Korky the Llama,  the Pet of the Day

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