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Fuzzy the Peruvian Guinea Pig,  the Pet of the Day
Name: Fuzzy
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peruvian Guinea Pig
Home: Lakewood, Colorado, USA
   Fuzzy is my very first pet and my first guinea pig. I wanted a dog but mom and dad said "NO" so we made a compromrise and on the day after Christmas my family and I went to a pet shop in between some towns and I looked around. At first I wanted a all white one with some red eyes but when I held it I did not like it so I put it back. My sister Charlotte ended up getting the white one. When I first walked into the pet store I saw a hairy one but I was convinced Iwanted a short hair one!

     After I had petted and held every short hair I decided to give the hairy ones a chance. I held the hairy one I thought did not really want. Right away I felt a click between us and I think Fuzzy felt it too. Ever since that click Fuzzy is the best little guinea ever! I love my little boy.

     Fuzzy is a guinea pig that looks like a mop! When I first got him my sister and brother could not tell him apart from his face or rear end! Every time I let them hold him they would pick him up and start stroking his rear! I would never do that with because I love him to much, and since day one I am 100 precent sure of his rear and face because he has a big yellow strip on both sides near his face.

     Here is my favorite story about him. I once was baby sitting one of my friend's guinea pig and with all the supplies that they brought they brought some hay. I thought that since Fuzzy had never tried hay before it would be good for him! The night after I give Fuzzy the hay I did it again just to make sure that he likes it. After a week it was time to give the guinea pig that I was baby sitting back to it's owner. Since I had been giving Fuzzy the hay every night, because he loved it, and he had become used to it every night. Well that night since the hay had gone back with it's owners I did not give him any. As I was going to bed I heard "squeak, squeak!" I got up and said "Fuzzy, I have no more hay!" Fuzzy kept doing it for a few more nights and finally we bought hay for every night. Fuzzy has not stopped eating hay since!

Fuzzy the Peruvian Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day

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