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Nick the Moulard Duck, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nick
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Moulard Duck
Home: Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany
   Here is a picture of my duck when he was a baby, and one now. His name is Nick and he is five months old. His home is in Chemnitz in our garden. He is so very cute! He follows us every time we call him, but he can also be such a rascal. In the summer, I will join him swimming in our pond.

     All day, Nick is busy catching worms, flies or other insects. He eats almost everything, but his favorites are white bread and apples. He drinks the water from the pond, but the little escapee will always steal our neighbours' apples. ;-) when he can get away with it!

     Nick has a little girlfriend. Her name is Lisa and they're getting along very well. He's not as naughty as my other ducks are. He wonÕt bite me if I pick him up. What I like most about him is his funny looking beak which makes him so special. The lower part of his beak is longer than the upper one which is unusual for ducks.

     The more recent picture of Nick with Lisa in which he is one month older. He is a good duck to have!

Nick the Moulard Duck, the Pet of the Day

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