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Kiwi the Brown Laying Hen, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kiwi
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Brown Laying Hen
Home: Aylmer, Ontario, Canada
   Our pet is special because out of all of our twenty-four chickens, she's the only one without tail feathers. We named her Kiwi after the little flightless brown birds in New Zealand, as she's pretty unique! Plus she is kind of oval and brown like a Kiwi fruit!We have watched her lay eggs sometimes, which you cannot do with most chickens, as their tail feathers hide it.

     Everybody we know thinks she's very cute. She is one of our escape artist chickens, and when she gets out she likes to scratch in the dirt to find bugs and worms. She never seems to want to go too far, just enjoys being on the other side of the fence, apparently! She's very friendly, too, which is good, because everyone wants to meet our special Kiwi!

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