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Rhea the Mountain Horned Dragon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rhea
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mountain Horned Dragon
Home: Crossett, Arkansas, USA
   I bought him as a girl before I knew a lot about them, hence the girl name. He is my second Mountain Horned Dragon I have owned. I always loved lizards and always wanted one. I never knew they existed until I saw them in the pet store. I googled the care sheet and decided to take the first one home. Unfortunately he passed away, I got Rhea about a month before he passed.

     Rhea has been a spitfire and full of personality, he went to a presentation with me and let an entire first grade at my daughter's school pet him (that's well over 100 kids), he was so patient and calm. He never flared up until we got out at the house and it was raining! I like to bring more awareness about the little lizards, they make wonderful pets! Not a lot is known about them, they thrive in temperatures between 74-78, high humidity, and have to have movement from food and water to eat or drink. So mine have a waterfall/air stone for water and eat live insects right out of my hand.

     Rhea has two little cagemates named Loki and Pandora. They are arboreal lizards. So they usually climb, a favorite place being on top of my head or the top of the curtains. He does change colors depending on mood, so yes, all these photos are all the same animal.

     He is full grown, He is one of the smaller subspecies of Acanthosaura. I can roughly guess he is about five inches from nose to vent - not including his long tail, which he sometimes wiggles!

Rhea the Mountain Horned Dragon, the Pet of the Day Rhea the Mountain Horned Dragon, the Pet of the Day

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