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Anne-Mone the Sulcata Tortoise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Anne-Mone
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sulcata Tortoise
Home: Germany
   Anne-Mone is my pet tortoise. She is a Sulcata Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata), and she is just four years old. Her kind is originally from Africa, but she lives here with me in Germany. She is an interesting pet. She like to eat plants and greens and tortoise food, and in nice weather she gets to go to the garden and eat the grass there.

     She loves fruit - and gets very messy when she has a strawberry, it gets all on her chin and face, but it makes her happy, Did you know her kind can live almost as long as a person? Anne-Mone will keep growing, and she will be my pet and my friend for a very long time. I love her.

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