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Mango the Cornsnake, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mango
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Cornsnake
Home: Michigan, USA
   Mango is a normal stripe corn snake. I don't know its gender, it is the third snake for me to own, I got her with one other snake, named Icarus her best friend, so second/third snake. Mango loves playing outside and sunbathing, but loves climbing trees the most. Mango doesn't mind head rubs but doesn't like it when mommy bops their snoot when they're sleeping. Mango is also very good at posing for mommy when she taking photos of them.

     The two photos that Mango's eyes are tinted blue in is known as blueing for snakes. Blueing is when a snake is getting ready to shed. The old skin separates from the new skin causing what we call blueing, during this time snakes have a hard time seeing so many snakes become more aggressive during blueing. Right before a snake sheds the blueing of the skin goes away and is clear again, then the snake will rub their head on a rough surface the 'rub' or break the old skin off, peel the old skin off after they break it leaves the snake with shiny smooth scales (the best time for photos as momma says). Blueing usually lasts a week. Mango, unlike most snakes, just likes to hide and doesn't like being handled, but won't bite at you like some will during blueing. I love my Mango!

Mango the Cornsnake, the Pet of the Day Mango the Cornsnake, the Pet of the Day

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