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Birdie the Cockatiel, Emmett the Cockatoo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Birdie, Emmett
Age: Ten years old, Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel, Cockatoo
Home: Bradenton, Florida, USA
   Emmett is just an all around obnoxious - but very loveable - cockatoo. He'll chase things across the house like a dog and will chew up anything he can. If your walking around and he's on the floor, he'll run up to you and start to cuddle your feet. He absolutly loves gatorade and coffee and won't let you drink any of your own until he's done with it. He'll sometimes chase Birdie around the house and tries to catch my parakeet, Midgit.

     Birdie, our cockatiel, isn't quite as smart as Emmett or Midgit, but we still love him. Midgit nor Emmett like him but he insists on following them both around the house. He won't ever let anybody exept my mom hold him or pet him or anything- he has an unwavering devotion to her and will even 'guard' over her while she sleeps. My mom taught him to whistle a certian way and if you start wihstling he'll whistle back for as long as you keep going. I think he has a knack for danger because he'll eat very dangerous things. For example, he's eaten a huge chunk of paint off my wall, he's eaten through several plugged-in wires, and has chewed through our dryer duct. It's annoying but, it's the┬áchores that come with having a pet.

     We love all three of our birds and would do anything for them, even though they're spoiled enough as it is.

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