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Cat the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cat
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Battle Ground, Washington, USA
   This is Cat. She is a registered Paint Tobiano colored Quarter Horse. Her registered name is Super Cat Princess. She has markings like a cats paws on her body, hence the name Cat. Her tail is black with a white cap and her mane is white with a black forelock.

     I taught her to "Kiss" my cheek, to "Bow" and to pick up a "Stick." Sometimes she will kiss people just to see if they have a treat for her. This surprises them because they never been kissed by a horse. If you don't have a treat for her, she won't kiss you anymore. She is very sweet especially if you have a treat. She loves apples and carrots of course, but the other day she helped me eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She likes corn on the cob too, and the husks.

     I let Cat into the front yard so she can eat the grass, that way I don't have to mow it. She eats the apples right off the trees so I have to kick her out so she won't eat them all in one day. She is very bonded to me because she lives alone, without any horse friends. She does have some Stupid Chicken friends who come over from the neighbors every day. They hang out but when I come over, the Stupid Chickens leave because they heard people catch them and cut off their heads, then cook them and they don't want that. Sometimes she comes right up to the window or door and calls to me. When she does that, I think she wants something to eat, so she follows me to the barn and I give her some hay. I guess the teaching goes both ways! I love her.

Cat the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day Cat the Quarter Horse, the Pet of the Day

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