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Marley the Dumbo Rat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marley
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dumbo Rat
Home: United States
   I remember excitedly racing into Petsmart and looking into the tank with three adorable male Dumbo rats. One was all white with red eyes, one was black and white with black on his face, and the cutest one with all white and a couple black spots. As soon as I saw him, I said, "That is the one!" I thought of a name as soon as I saw him, Marley. I asked the guy if I could hold him, he reached his arm in the tank and gently grabbed Marley, I wanted to squeeze him! He handed it to me. As I was stroking his course fur he was looking up at me and I was thinking of the fun and exciting future like, letting him swim in the bath tub, taking him outside, walking him on a leash to the park, teaching him tricks, teaching him his name, and so much more! I had researched on the computer about rats, it said they are very affectionate and smart. The guy asked me, "Do you think you'll take him home?" I loudly and excitedly yelped, "Sure!" He put Marley in the big cardboard box and handed it to me.

     Not only did Marley get adopted, the two others got adopted by a rat lover, she had a rat waiting for two more friends to spend the rest of his life with so she took the two that were left for the Dumbo Rats. On the way home in the car I took him out of the box and he shyly and nervously started roaming up my body to my shoulder and started licking my face!

     I sit on the couch and he stays right on my shoulder while I am stroking his fur. His favorite foods are lettuce, celery, and bananas, he also loves when I give him a little bit of my chocolate frosty from Wendys and he loves Yogies. I've been teaching him his name. We got him a little tan and white small domestic ratty friend. His name is Dexter. Ever since I got him Dexter, Marley seems so much happier and excited! Marley loves Dexter and Dexter loves Marley, they clean eachother and play with eachother every day! Marley and Dexter love their huge cage with a comfy hammock! I am so happy I found out what rats really are ... they are great, great, great pets!

Marley the Dumbo Rat, the Pet of the Day Marley the Dumbo Rat, the Pet of the Day

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