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Lottie the Hermit Crab, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lottie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Hermit Crab
Home: Geneva, Illinois, USA
   Hi everyone, meet Lottie! She is my hermit crab. Some people might think she is gross but not me. Hermit crabs are great pets. They don't even stink!

     I like hermit crabs because they are unusual pets. Lottie favorite food is corn bread. She likes hanging out with her buddies Shelly and Turtle. She is a very active hermit crab. I got her after my old hermit crab passed away.

     Lottie comes out of her shell really far. I take her outside sometimes, too. She loves her morning mists, just like the others. She might not be as cuddly as a dog or bunny, but I still love her! She can climb on my hand and does not pinch me. She is the one in the blue shell now, but we have lots of other size shells for her to choose from as she grows! I hope you like her!

Lottie the Hermit Crab, the Pet of the Day Lottie the Hermit Crab, the Pet of the Day

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