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Cookie the Sable Ferret, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cookie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sable Ferrete
Home: Saint Léger des Vignes, France
   I wanted to have a ferret for many years but my parents weren't so happy about it. But, they promised that if I graduated high school I could have one. So, I worked my hardest, I graduated and here is Cookie!       I named her "Cookie" because it's cute. I love Cookie because she's adorable, she loves hugs and she kisses me, she loves to play a lot. Like, very much! And she's very small, smaller than an average female ferret. So, she looks like a baby, so cute, no?

     She has a special hobby: stealing things. All sorts of things in fact: socks (her favorite), packets of handkerchiefs, candies (for the sound of the package) and sometimes even payment cards. Too bad she doesn't steal the code, we would be rich! She loves to make stashes of food, for example, under my bed. She also puts her "treasures" there.

      She eats cat food and she lives with two of them. The older one, Aladar, doesn't really want to play, but the young one Luna really loves to play with Cookie. They run after one another around in the whole house. She also plays with Banco, another cat (he belongs to my cousin). So as you see, Cookie is very friendly! But she doesn't like to share her food, haha! Speaking of that, she loves when I share my vanilla yogurt with her. She likes to drink lemon soda too, climbing into my glass at the risk of spilling it. She's really stubborn! Sometimes she nibbles a biscuit aprétitif.

      I love Cookie and she's loved by the whole family!

Cookie the Sable Ferret, the Pet of the Day Cookie the Sable Ferret, the Pet of the Day

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