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Lucifer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucifer
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Iguana
Home: California, USA
   Lucifer is a full grown Iguana, he was a rescue. The people that had him before didn't really know how to take care of him, or give him the proper food or treatment. So we took him in. He was in a small glass fish tank when we took him in, but he now has a proper size home. Since he has been here with proper handling and care he has calmed down. He use to be very aggressive, whipping us with his tail, hissing, and trying to bite. He now is frequently tanning in the sun on his own pedestal, eating well and able to go on walks with the family on his leash. We are now able to pet him and he's very happy, bobbing his head.

     When Lucifer was given to us we didn't really know his age, we just knew he was almost full size. He was under-nourished, to the point where his ribs were showing. His growth was stunted due to the tank they had him in. He has a forever family now, and is well taken care of. We love him very much.

Lucifer, the Pet of the Day Lucifer, the Pet of the Day Lucifer, the Pet of the Day

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