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Otto the Axolotl, the Pet of the Day
Name: Otto
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Axolotl
Home: Falkensee, Germany
   I would like to introduce you to one of my two axolotls. He is the larger and thicker, his name is Otto. The thinner one I have is Axel. In the wild, they are located within an enclosed volcanic basin near Mexico City in lake Xochimilco and Chalco lake. But my axoloti are pets, they were bred in captivity here in Germany and are friendlier than their wild relatives might be. They are not cuddly like a puppy, but they are fascinating and beautiful to watch.

     You might think he is a fish, because he likes in the water, and some people call them a "walking fish," but it is not a fish, he is an amphibian. My axolotls are albinos. Otto knows my voice, and when I get home, he and his brother will come to the edge of the tank because they know I will feed them. They eat small red mosquito larvae, which they often devour all in one chunk. I like them because they look very sweet and are very interesting animals.

Otto the Axolotl, the Pet of the Day

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