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Mashka the Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mashka
Age: One year, three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   Mashka was born July 24th 2016, so he is almost sixteen months old. Mashka has been through lot in his small life. But he has come a long way, and is a wee little heart melter. He survived a heater accident that killed all my other males, and he has had a stroke. Now he lives with an infertile female to keep him company in his old age. Infertile female mice are fairly rare.

     He used to be quite jumpy, though he's calmed down a lot since his stroke. He is still going strong, and seems quite healthy. He adores climbing his wooden ladder and exercising. For treats he'll eat anything from pumpkin seeds to dog cookies, from bird seed to bread. He's not too fussy. He is getting barbered a bit by his cagemate but this is a harmless behavior and is not hurt by it, he just has a bald spot on his shoulder haha. In general, despite his age he is quite active, even climbing his water bottle all the time. He likes his food bowl empty of food, preferring instead to use it as a potty. He is a wee turd. But we love him anyway.

Mashka the Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day Mashka the Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day

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