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Missy the Arabian Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Missy
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Arabian Horse
Home: Haysville, Indiana, USA
   This is Missy, my Arabian mare. We purchased Missy as a fifteen-year-old English pleasure mount; despite the fact that we were looking for a western pleasure horse, we were clinging to the idea of an Arab after we sold my first horse.

    We didn't know anything about Missy, not really. We knew that she had taken ribbons in English pleasure and jumping, but that told us nothing about how her performance would be under a western saddle.

    When she first arrived at our boarders' home, she was incredibly fat and physically healthy, but mentally unstable. She spooked easily and contained no personality. When we loosed her in a field, it was impossible to catch her. When I rode her, she would never buck, but she would charge and leap and spook at every noise.

    As winter set in, we began to build a bond. I never let go of Missy; the idea never crossed my mind. She started to come when I called. Catching her became easier. That was when my parents and I noticed that her physical body was deteriorating. We started heading to the boarders' place everyday to feed her extra after they left. She lost some weight, but not a whole lot.

    Fair came and went with no ribbons, but no problems. The other 4Hers scorned me because they all owned high-priced quarter horses, but I didn't mind. Winter came again, and Missy began putting off weight again. Only this time, it was very quickly. The extra feed portions went up.

    One day, we arrived at the boarders' right as they were leaving. We entered the barn to discover that, while the other horses were eating hay and sweet feed, Missy was going hungry! That wasn't the only problem. Missy had been starving during the day, and whenever she neared the outside hay bale, the other horses had attacked her. We discovered Missy with sunk-in flanks, blood streaming from hoof marks down her back, sulkily watching the other horses eat. That was the last straw.

    We immediately transferred Missy to my aunt's house in Haysville. She put on nearly 150 pounds within the first three months of being there. She became happy and healthy. Now, my eighteen-year-old mare is gorgeous and healthy. She lets me ride her around the field with no tack. She follows me when I walk and trots after me when I run, with a lead rope or without.

    We've started investing our time in gaming events like barrel racing and pole bending. We placed 8th in the last pole bending competition! It was the happiest day of my life.

   Missy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Missy the Arabian Horse, the Pet of the Day Missy the Arabian Horse, the Pet of the Day

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