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Butterscotch the Crested Gecko, the Pet of the Day
Name: Butterscotch
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Crested Gecko
Home: Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA
   After an entire year of researching the species, I was finally able to buy my own crested gecko as a college graduation present to myself. Of all other gecko species I choose a crestie, because they live at room temperature, aren't easily stressed by handling, come in a variety of bright colors, have a variety of patterns, and don't require keeping crickets for food. I've never put so much thought into the cage layout for a pet before.

     Butterscotch sleeps in one of his silk Hibiscus flowers with his head rested on one of the petals, his tail wrapped around the stamen, and his butt sitting in the center of the flower. It's his little bed and it's quite cute. He fires up (becomes darker in color) in intense sunlight, which he enjoys sunbathing in like a cat. He's very grumpy when woken up, so I can only handle him at night when he's awake. He's skittish at first but once I get him out of his cage he walks at a leisure pace across my hands and up my arms. I watch him lift each foot with his toes scrunched tight together and then slowly place each foot carefully down while spreading his toes. It's almost mesmerizing to watch. It's also amusing how his species of gecko licks their eyes to keep them moist since they lack eyelids, which means they sleep with their eyes open as well.

Butterscotch the Crested Gecko, the Pet of the Day Butterscotch the Crested Gecko, the Pet of the Day

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