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Jackie the Tucuman Amazon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jackie
Age: Deceased, unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Tucuman Amazon
Home: Oregon, USA
   Jackie came into our lives unexpectedly; we didn't know we were going to be parronts, and we didn't know what we were doing either. It was a no-brainer choice though ... either leave him to an unknown fate or take a chance, bring him home and hope for the best.

      He came from a home with an owner suffering from Alzheimer's, so there were days that he was lucky enough to get food. Trapped inside his cage, in a back bedroom, he was lonely, angry, frustrated, depressed, and didn't understand what he did to deserve any of it. It wasn't his owner's fault either ... trapped by a disease that robs memories, turns daily life into a challenge, and turns their world upside down. All that they once knew becomes strange and unfamiliar.

     Over the last six months of his life, Jackie taught me a lot - patience, persistence, faith, pain tolerance, and unconditional love. Everything a person needs to have a successful relationship with a parrot. This was my first serious relationship with a parrot, and what better parrot to train me than an Amazon.

     He blossomed in our home; he thrived. He went from lunging at me and burning me with his hateful gaze, to always wanting to be near me, riding around on my shoulder, sharing meals with us, babbling with my toddler ... He was the icing on our life cake.

     He left us just as quickly as he came, but even in death, he taught me lessons all along the way. He taught me about parrot love, to never give up, to have faith in everything including myself, and to always give that "diamond in the rough" a chance. That's what made him special. He opened my eyes to a lot of things about life, not just how to take care of a parrot.

Jackie the Tucuman Amazon, the Pet of the Day

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