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Candy Corn the Miniature Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Candy Corn
Age: Forty-five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Horse
Home: Casanova, Virginia, USA
   This is Candy Corn, he is a 45-year-old, ten-hand tall, mini gelding. In this picture he is rolling after being freshly clipped of his shaggy winter coat. He is loved by everyone on the farm, and he is the glue that keeps my herd of mares together. He is so adorable and such a love bug. His favorite activity is to lick his salt/mineral block for what seems like hours on end. We love him sooo much!

      He is sweet, but very independent, although he will be your best friend for treats and grain. He "babysits" all of the young ponies and racehorses. If he can't find one of his friends in the field, he whinnies and calls to them, until he feels secure with where they are. He is my old man that keeps an eye on everyone. This is a picture when he had finished rolling, my daughter left a heart on his hiney and 'leg warmers!"

Candy Corn the Miniature Horse, the Pet of the Day

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