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Lady the Conemara Pony, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lady
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Conemara Pony
Home: Föhr, Germany
   My name is Marie and I'm from Föhr, Germany. I want to write about my horse Lady. She's eleven (I'm too) and female. She is a Conemara Pony and she has a beige fur and brown hair. She is a little bit crazy because she loves running all over the paddock.

     I'm always riding her on Mondays. I do jumping with her too, on Saturdays and sometimes I ride with her in competitions, too. I got Lady five years ago, and we have been best friends ever since. Lady wants to eat all the time. She loves apples, carrots and grass. I love to ride on Lady because it's so much fun. I love her so much and I'm so happy that I have her.

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